Tron: Ares boots up a post-holiday production restart

Tron Ares

Production for Disney’s long-gestating sequel Tron: Ares is expected to restart after the oncoming holiday rush.

Tron: Ares boots up a post-holiday production restart 3

When the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes ended, someone opened the floodgates for news pouring out of Hollywood. In addition to giving actors the go-ahead to hype their latest projects, updates for existing films and television series continue to rain like men. According to Collider, production for the long-gestating Tron sequel, Tron: Ares, starts filming in Vancouver after the holidays. Initially, cameras were supposed to roll in August, but the strikes delayed the process by several months. The shutdown was harsh, with Tron: Ares director Joachim Rønning expressing his disappointment about over 150 people terminated from the production.

“Today was supposed to be our first day of principal photography on TRON: ARES (a movie subsequently about AI and what it means, and takes, to be human),” Rønning said in a straight-forward Instagram post in August. “Instead, we are shut down with over a hundred and fifty people laid off. It’s indefinite, which makes it exponentially harder for everyone…The AMPTP, SAG-AFTRA and WGA need to speed up the negotiating process and not leave the table until it’s done. This is Hollywood. We close deals for breakfast. Why do we suddenly have all the time in the world when every day is so precious? These tactics are extremely frustrating. It’s time for diplomacy so we can get back to work – under conditions that are fair to everybody #amptp #sagaftra #wga”. That Tron: Ares centers around artificial intelligence is quite interesting, considering the topic is a major point in negotiations for both unions.”

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You can check out Rønning’s IG post below:

Tron: Ares, a follow-up to 1982’s Tron and 2010’s Tron: Legacy, features Jared Leto (MorbiusThe House of Gucci), Evan Peters (WandaVisionDahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story), Jodie Turner-Smith (Without RemorseQueen & Slim), Cameron Monaghan (ShamelessGotham), and Sarah Desjardins (RiverdaleYellowjackets).

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Thankfully, the strikes have resolved, and production can begin anew on Tron: Ares. Hopefully, with cameras firing up in the coming weeks, we can expect more details about the hotly-anticipated sequel to start making the rounds. Are you excited about Tron: Ares? Do you expect any cameos from past Tron films in the new chapter? Let us know in the comments below.

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