The Munsters’ Revenge and Here Come the Munsters full movies available to watch on the official YouTube channel

The full movies The Munsters' Revenge and Here Come the Munsters have been uploaded to the franchise's official YouTube channel

The full movies The Munsters’ Revenge and Here Come the Munsters have been uploaded to the franchise’s official YouTube channel

An official YouTube channel dedicated to the classic sitcom The Munsters and the franchise it spawned was launched three years ago, and as the years have gone by a whole lot of clips from the 1964 – 1966 show have been added to that channel. But now Universal has decided to go ahead and share a couple full movies on there as well: The Munsters’ Revenge from 1981 and Here Come the Munsters from 1995. Not only can both of those movies be viewed on the The Munsters channel, but they’re both embedded at the bottom of this article as well!

Directed by Don Weis from a script by Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson, The Munsters’ Revenge reunites original sitcom stars Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, and Al Lewis. The movie shows us what happens when Mad Dr. Diablo sends robot doubles of Herman and Grandpa Munster to steal art.

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Gwynne, De Carlo, and Lewis play Herman, Lily, and Grandpa, of course. They are joined in the cast by Jo McDonnell as Marilyn, K.C. Martel as Eddie, Sid Caesar as Dr. Diablo, and Bob Hastings as the Phantom of the Opera.

Directed by Robert Ginty from a script by Bill Prady, Jim Fisher, and Jim Staahl, Here Come the Munsters has the following synopsis: Herman, Lily, Grandpa and clan relocate to Los Angeles after torch-wielding neighbors drive them from their Transylvania abode.

Herman, Lily, and Grandpa are played by Edward Herrmann, Veronica Hamel, and Robert Morse in that one, with Christine Taylor and Mathew Botuchis taking over the roles of Marilyn and Eddie. Also in the cast are Troy Evans, Joel Brooks, Sean O’Bryan, Mary Woronov, Jeff Trachta, Max Grodénchik, Judy Gold, Amanda Bearse, Irwin Keyes, Brian George, Keone Young, Francesca Smith, Jane Carr, Lynne Marie Stewart, and Dee Wallace. De Carlo and Lewis make cameos alongside their sitcom co-stars Butch Patrick and Pat Priest.

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Are you a fan of The Munsters, and will you be watching The Munsters’ Revenge and Here Come the Munsters now that they’re on YouTube? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The most recent entry in the Munsters franchise was a feature film that was released just last year, written and directed by Rob Zombie.

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