Poll: Favorite Holiday Horror Movie

Poll: Favorite Holiday Horror Movie

Poll: Favorite Holiday Horror Movie

What Holiday based film with a killer edge has been your favorite?

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley: When Does It Come Out?

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, sees Eddie Murphy return to the series. What else do we know about Beverly Hills Cop 4?

The Best Movie You Never Saw: Time After Time looks back at the classic H.G. Wells/Jack the Ripper romp, Time After Time, starring Malcolm McDowell.

Scorsese says his daughter tricked him into TikTok fame

Martin Scorsese had no idea his latest TikTok venture would be posted online but does admit his daughter has a good eye.

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Creed IV is happening; Michael B. Jordan to return as director but no news on Stallone

Creed IV is officially a go with Michael B. Jordan returning as director, but no news yet on whether Sylvester Stallone is involved.

Napoleon Review

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon is a sumptuous and surprisingly intimate epic sporting incredible acting by Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.

Spielberg calls Killers of the Flower Moon Scorsese’s “masterpiece”

Steven Spielberg thinks Killers of the Flower Moon as topped Goodfellas as Martin Scorsese’s true masterpiece.

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Mark Ruffalo was lowballed by studio over Zodiac role

Mark Ruffalo revealed that the studio didn’t want him for Zodiac but the movie led him to much larger — and green — roles.

Leo Review

A surprisingly heartfelt musical comedy from Adam Sandler that will keep kids and parents equally entertained.

Edgar Wright didn’t know how to promote Scott Pilgrim

Edgar Wright had a hard time pitching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to audiences, finally settling on “comedy-action.”

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