Oil billionaire ANNE NJERI reveals why RUTO’s government let her free after abducting and threatening her with death

Oil billionaire ANNE NJERI reveals why RUTO’s government let her free after abducting and threatening her with death

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – Oil tycoon Anne Njeri Njoroge, the woman involved in the controversial Ksh17 billion oil consignment, narrated her ordeal, which unfolded shortly after recording a statement at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters.

Speaking after President William Ruto’s government released her, Njoroge disclosed that she was dumped in a forest after the abductors absolved her of any accusations levelled against her. 

Her plight, she alleged, began moments after she applied for permits at the Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) as part of the due procedure for importing the 100,000 metric tonnes of oil. 

Moments later, she caught herself in a web of what she argued was a well-choreographed abduction. Njoroge was allegedly directed to record a statement in another adjacent room, only to find that it was a basement. 

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“The officers asked me if I had taken any drugs, and I said no. When they took me to a car, I was told to surrender my phone and give out the password, and I complied. They took me to an unknown place. I asked why I was separated from my lawyers, but they didn’t respond.”

Shortly after, another car allegedly arrived, and Njoroge was blindfolded before being ferried to another location. Here, she was chained to a room, and a balaclava was placed over her head, sparing her eyes only. 

Njoroge claimed that she realised she was highly guarded by security guards who were dressed in full uniform. Inside the room also was a mattress and a CCTV camera.

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According to Njoroge, she slept that night thinking it would be her last day. The following day, her abductors opened the room and began questioning her but also threatened to kill her lest she disclosed the truth behind the consignment. 

“I told them the truth that I was the owner of the consignment. The officers departed from the room and came back hours later, informing me that they would release me since I had done no wrong.

“I was blindfolded and thrown out into a forest,” she stated but did not reveal the exact location. 


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