Man accused of stealing cop car pops up at local Lowe’s to run errands, still on the loose

Man accused of stealing cop car pops up at local Lowe’s to run errands, still on the loose

A man in Washington DC allegedly stole a police cruiser from a local college campus to do some personal shopping at Lowes on Friday while he remains on the run.

Police allege the man took control of the University of the District of Columbia police vehicle from one of their campuses around 3:45 a.m, according to police.

Security footage shows the brazen thief — wearing a black hooded coat and black jeans — calmly park the gray 2020 Ford Explorer outside Lowes before strolling into the popular home retail store.

The suspect was captured seamlessly strolling through the store’s empty aisles as he loaded up his cart with paper towels and Tide PODS during his casual trip.

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At one point, the man stops in his tracks in the middle of his shopping to figure out what specific detergent he needs before taking two buckets of Tide PODS off the shelves.

He then walks out to his car and places his items in the backseat of the police car before taking off.

An unidentified man who was accused of stealing a cop car decided to make an errand at a local Lowe’s store.
Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
The suspect is seen parking the car outside of Lowes before walking into the store.
Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
The man was caught on surveillance at Lowes getting paper towels and Tide PODS.
Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department

Police said they have yet to catch the suspect but did locate the stolen vehicle in the Washington, DC area.

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Carjackings in the Washington DC area have been on the rise lately, with more than 750 carjackings and over 6,000 stolen vehicles — a 98 percent increase compared to last year, according to police.

The shopping joyride in Washington DC comes just days before President Biden’s Secret Service agents protecting his granddaughter opened fire on a group of people trying to carjack an unmarked car Sunday.

The agents protecting Naomi Biden were with her in the Georgetown area when they noticed three suspects attempting to break into a parked, unmarked Secret Service vehicle.

Secret Service said an agent shot at one of the carjackers, but none of the suspects were hit by gunfire, the Secret Service said.

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