‘He is too real to wake sleeping dogs’ – Huddah Monroe on why Malema can’t be president

A screengrab of Huddah Monroe's Insta stories about Malema. PHOTO/Screengrab by Ascah Mwango

Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe, has expressed scepticism about the potential of South African opposition leader Julius Malema ever being president.

In a series of Insta stories while sharing the opposition leader’s latest speech, opinionated Huddah, shared her views on Malema’s political aspirations, asserting that his unfiltered realism might hinder his chances in a world that doesn’t appreciate truth.

“He can’t be made president because realists are too real to wake sleeping dogs,” Huddah wrote

A screengrab of Huddah Monroe’s Insta stories about Malema. PHOTO/Screengrab by Ascah Mwango

Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa, is known for his bold and fearless stance against corruption and social inequality.

Malema fires salvo at Ruto

Huddah’s remarks come days after Malema’s speech during the launch of the Pan African Institute at Lukenya University in Kenya. 

The South African opposition leader castigated President William Ruto’s stance on the Israel-Palestine war.

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“It can’t be correct that President Ruto knowing the history of this country and the history of South Africa comes and tells us that he is with Israelites, our war is not on Jewish people, our is not on Jewish pregnant women, our war is not on Jewish children, our war is against a Zionist apartheid state of Israel and that’s why we are fighting, so if you got money from some Jewish person, we are not fighting that funder of his, we are fighting the state of Israel,” he asserted.

Ahead of his visit to Kenya, Malema criticized Ruto on the promises he made to the people of Kenya citing that the Head of State had not fulfilled the pledges he made during the elections.

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The SA opposition leader noted that Ruto’s current actions are in conflict with the things he said during the elections.

“I don’t know if President William Ruto means it because he said so many things and I cannot locate him these days because the things he said during elections and the things he is doing now are two different things,”  Malema claimed.

Malema’s remarks ruffled feathers in Kenya eliciting reactions from both citizens and politicians.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua fired at Malema noting that he ought to respect the leaders of a country hosting him.

“I have seen a South African national who just arrived in the country this morning already start criticising the nation. Visitors should respect the leaders of the countries they are visiting,” Gachagua stated.

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