‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner calls fantasy suites ‘watershed’ moment — ‘avoided conversation’ with kids

‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner calls fantasy suites ‘watershed’ moment — ‘avoided conversation’ with kids

“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner may have made host Jesse Palmer squirm by saying ‘knockin boots” about his fantasy suites, but the 72-year-old held back a lot more from his kids.

“Oddly, it was almost an area where I think we kind of avoided conversation,” Turner told The Post. “They were kind of holding off, waiting to see what Dad did with it.”

“And, you know, when Fantasy suite nights rolled around, it seemed very normal and natural and actually was a very much a watershed moment for my journey,” he continued. “So it it was very good.”

Turner married his high school sweetheart Toni in 1972, and they were married for 43 years until her death in 2017. The pair had two daughters, Jenny Young and Angie Warner.

The grandpa previously revealed to The Post that he couldn’t keep his promise to his family about not kissing anyone on night one. “I failed,” he laughed.

Leslie, Faith and Theresa on “The Golden Bachelor.”
The Walt Disney Company

Turner recently had individual fantasy suites with the two remaining women on the ABC series — Leslie and Theresa.

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“I thought by the time I retired at 55 I had had all the excitement I was going to see and all the high moments. Little did I know that 17 years later, I’m in the greatest adventure of my life,” Turner said on the latest episode. “… I can’t believe how close I am to finding the second love of my life.”

Although couples presumably have sex in the fantasy suites — and Turner did not reveal if he did or didn’t — he did note what he wanted to get out of the overnights.

“[To] ask the difficult questions that are strictly between two people, and also have the opportunity to be physically intimate with each other,” he said. “At this age, it’s more gentle, it’s slow, it’s something you can savor, because it’s something that’s the most special [thing] you can have.”

He added to Palmer: “Many people will be looking at that as, do people my age still knock boots and have a good time behind closed doors? I mean your parents, are you still feeling like mom and dad come down the stairs with a little extra spring in their step?”

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Theresa and Gerry on the ABC series.
The Walt Disney Company
Gerry and Leslie on the ABC series.
The Walt Disney Company

Palmer replied: “TMI, TMI, Gerry. Let’s just keep this on you.”

Turner, who said it had “been a while” since he had “the opportunity to be physically intimate with someone,” was left even more torn about who to choose following the fantasy suites.

“Right now, I’m dying inside. I’m in love with both of them, and in each case I’ve told them ‘I love you.’ With each of them I can see a life together,” he said. “Life with Leslie would be a very exciting life. She’s adventurous. She looks out for me and I look out for her. But Theresa and I have this bond. We know what the other person is feeling. We know what they’ve been through.”

“The Golden Bachelor” season finale airs on ABC on Thursday, November 30.

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