Call them the ‘Biden cuts,’ Mr. Mayor, and demand the prez stop the migrant flood

Call them the ‘Biden cuts,’ Mr. Mayor, and demand the prez stop the migrant flood

Mayor Adams warned Tuesday that the migrant crisis will soon be “more visible” to New Yorkers, since newcomers wanting to sleep on the street “have the right to do so.”

Yet he’s still not clearly calling out the author of the city’s misery: President Biden.

“Believe it or not, there are migrant and asylum seekers who are saying, ‘We want to sleep on the streets,’” the mayor answered after a query on migrants refusing to relocate to new shelters, and “we cannot stop them.”

More: “I want New Yorkers to understand that. Our goal is to not have people sleeping on the street. We don’t want to turn into those cities” like Chicago, where migrants are sleeping in police stations.

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It sure sounds like a threat to your own citizens, Mr. Mayor. How about making it clear who’s really at fault for this, and for your dreadful plans to shrink the NYPD to help balance the books in this crisis?

From the start, Adams has refused to directly fault the president.

All he’s done is call for a vague “decompression strategy” — oh, and beg Biden for cash, 36 times by The Post’s count.

And 36 times Biden has told the mayor to pound sand.

That’s left the city spending $12 billion on 65,000-plus migrants in its care, and looking to slash services to cover those bills.

We think he should find the savings anywhere but the NYPD, but that’s another editorial.

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Whatever spending he reduces, he should ceaselessly call them “the Biden cuts” — because that’s what they are.

This president effectively opened the border — and if he pretends he’s only doing what the laws require, why hasn’t he lifted a finger to change those laws?

It’s insane to be admitting millions of “asylum seekers” who overwhelmingly have no real case for asylum — yet Biden refuses to face the ugly consequences in New York or anywhere else.

The least the mayor can do is start putting Biden’s name on the price New Yorkers have to pay, because otherwise they’re going to be “the Adams cuts.”

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