‘Blue Rush’ Podcast: Prince Amukamara Says Giants Defense Watched Film Day After Winning Super Bowl

‘Blue Rush’ Podcast: Prince Amukamara Says Giants Defense Watched Film Day After Winning Super Bowl

‘Blue Rush’ Podcast: Prince Amukamara Says Giants Defense Watched Film Day After Winning Super Bowl 9

The Giants’ Kryptonite surely is not the Washington Commanders.

The Giants had not won in almost a month before Sunday, with their last win coming Oct. 22 against the Commanders.

Big Blue beat them again on Sunday, led by Tommy Devito’s first NFL win.

A 31-19 victory to get to 3-8 with the 2-8 Patriots coming to MetLife Stadium on Sunday has the Giants breathing some fresh air in what has been an incredibly disappointing season.

Prince Amukamara was a key part of the Giants defense that beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 2012.

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He joined me and Brandon London on a new episode of the “Blue Rush” podcast.

Besides reacting to Sunday’s victory and this Giants season, the former cornerback who signed a one-day contract to retire a Giant before this season dropped some stories from that game and his Giants days.

Watching film after winning the Super Bowl

Brady tried a Hail Mary in the final seconds of Super Bowl 2012 that came close to being caught by Rob Gronkowsk — but luckily for the Giants it was knocked away by Antrel Rolle.

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The day after the win, secondary and safeties coach that season for the Giants Dave Merritt had them watching film of the play.

“I think that was the only play that he wanted to show. But yeah, I remember that vividly,” Amukamara recalled. “And it’s so funny, now that Coach Merritt is with KC, and he’s been in a couple of Super Bowls since then, he always puts us in a group text and shows us that play just so he remembers to coach it.”

“All in”

Plenty of giants attention has been pulled into the Wink Martindale-Xavier McKinney media call-outs in recent weeks, something Amukamara has seen before with defensive coordinator Perrey Fewell. It was a situation where the Giants found their rallying mantra in 2011-12.

“He was calling calls where Mike Boley, our linebacker didn’t like it, a couple of our DBs didn’t like it, so we started changing the calls,” he said. “Or, the defensive linebackers started changing the calls cause he’s a captain and stuff like that, and it wasn’t working for us. And so that’s where the ‘All in’ term came from, because first we had a bible study and the phrase of the bible study was ‘All in’ and then Justin Tuck and Antrel Rolle kind of ran with tha.”

The $500,000 Brady jersey

Alright, one more awesome story from this must-listen podcast: Amukamara was once offered $500,000 for a signed Tom Brady game-used jersey and turned it down. He said he wouldn’t have even taken $5 million for it.

“The funny thing about that is that somebody offered me $500,000 for the jersey already,” he said. “And I said, ‘Yeah, there’s no way.’ Because to me that jersey’s priceless because that’s like a signed Michael Jordan jersey.”


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