Police close road for 31 hours after a SEX doll is mistaken for a dead body dumped in woods

Police close road for 31 hours after a SEX doll is mistaken for a dead body dumped in woods

Saturday, October 21, 2023 – Police in the UK closed off a road for 31 hours after a walker found a ‘dead body in wood, only to discover it was a ‘dirty and overused’ sex doll someone had dumped.

The ‘crime scene’ in Kineton, Warwickshire, was cordoned off by police and a forensic pathologist was called in to investigate after what appeared to be a hand and foot were spotted in undergrowth by a country lane.

Police later disclosed what they thought was a female corpse wasn’t human remains but a ‘realistic’ inflatable love aid, which could be worth up to £1,500.

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A local source told The Sun: ‘The police thought they had a murder investigation on their hands so called in a forensics team.’

‘When they finally dragged the ‘corpse’ out they realised the blunder. The officers had a big laugh about it. It was a very dirty, broken and overused sex doll,’ they added.

Officers were said to be hunting for clues from midday on Tuesday to 7pm the following evening.

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Warwickshire Police said it had followed ‘proper procedure’.

A spokesperson added: ‘It is with great relief that we can announce the pathologist was able to identify the foot and hand beneath the bush did in fact belong to a discarded and realistic life-size doll.’

Some speculated the sex doll had been placed in the woods as a practical joke.

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